The Dragon's Vintage Rescue Operation!

Here are some of my restoration projects!  All my restorations get a thorough cleaning using products proven safe for vintage vinyl and hair, and safe pearl stud earrings with monofilament posts. 


This pretty bubblecut doll was missing the whole first row of hair plugs, had rubbed-off lip paint and lash ridges.  She received new hair plugs from a donor doll, lip and lash touchups.  Her nose was pinched but not nipped, so was left alone.

Brunette bubblecut needed a nose repair, lip-gouge filled in, new lips and lash ridge touchup.


Early Titian Bubblecut received lip retouch to restore the upper bow where rubs existed.  Gloss varnish applied to make lips shiny.

Brunette bubblecut received new coral lips and nails, lash ridge touchup, and hair restyle.

Early Titian  Bubblecut had repainted lips that were not properly shaped.  Newer paint was removed from lips and brows and new lips applied. 

Removal of green ear disease is never guaranteed.  However, I have had some success with Bubblecuts.  This 62-64 Titian Bubble was degreened and touched up.
Another early Titian Bubble in need of new lips, touchup on lash ridges.  Someone had made her eyes glossy, as if full of tears.  Gloss removed with alcohol, matte finish restored.
Titian Bubblecut received brow touchups, lash ridge touchups, new bubblegum pink lips.
This pretty White Ginger Bubblecut Barbie only needed her lips to be repainted.  I made them full, per the collector's request.



Blonde Ponytail #6:  had crumbling original band in badly snarled hair, trace of lip color and very faint brows.  Received complete hair restyle and facial paint touchups.
Brunette Ponytail #6:  Hair desnarled and retied, lash ridge touchups, brow touchups, new coral lips and nails.  Oh, and correct Midge/Barbie  body...she arrived on a TNT body!

American Girl

Brunette American Girl needed only a brow touchup, lash ridge redarkened, and some ink stains removed from upper eyelids.  Looked like someone tried to give her eyeshadow with a marker.  Her buttery lips were left original.

Color Magic

These Color Magic and American Girl Barbie Dolls had damaged legs.  New legs were courtesy of some Malibu Barbies, after bleaching out the tan.  I made this picture because I felt bad about robbing the Malibus.  You can't win using dolls that are intact and have vintage value in their own rights, as donors.  I later restored the Malibu with uncut hair with another pair of legs.