Welcome to Dragonbiz Wings!  We are a small aviary in Central Florida.  Birds on this page are some of our breeding stock.  Handfed babies, when available, will be posted here at the bottom, so scroll down!  However, we do not ship birds.  Please be prepared to pick up any bird you are interested in buying. 

Catalina Macaws.  Catalinas are a hybrid, created from a pairing of a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Macaw.  Breast color varies from red-gold to bright orangy red.
Mollucan Cockatoos.  Large white-to-pink birds with gorgeous coral crests.  Love attention and petting, and make great pets if you can stand the noise! 
Scarlet Macaws.  Large brilliant red birds with blue wing feathers and yellow patches.  Wings are tipped in green, rarer than blue. 
Blue and Gold Macaws, popular pets among the large macaws.
Greenwing Macaws.  Second only to the Hyacynthe in size, one of the largest Macaws.
Hahn's Macaws.  Smaller birds, similar in size to the conures. 
Alexandrine Ringneck Parakeets.  Female is above left, Male is above right.  This pair is very prolific, having double and even triple clutched in a single year for us. 

Email us for prices or availability of handfed babies:  drgnldy@dragonbiz.com


Hatch date:  03/29/2004
Weaned date:  05/24/2004
Price:  $250 each - that's WHOLESALE, folks...pet stores charge $450!

They're a little messy as these were taken just after a hand feeding!

Call or email to reserve your pet!